New London Underground route & stock

May 17, 2017    

Hi all, just wanted to share a new piece of DLC that recently surfaced for Train Simulator. I was watching some YouTube videos when I stumbled on 2 new routes, The District Line & The Piccadilly Line. From Ealing Broadway in the west, Richmond in the south west up to Gloucester Road and High St Kensington. The Olympia branch is fully modelled , as are all the depots ( Lillie Bridge is…    read more 

Break from Train Simulator

February 5, 2017    

Hi all, so I thought I should probably explain the reason why there has been no content from Blue Rail recently. Basically I need a break from Train Simulator. I’m not sure how long for but it’s been a while and I have no immediate plans to do anything at the moment. I have been working on Blue Flight Studios and also setting up PixelBounce my web design business so most of…    read more 


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