Frequently Asked Questions

If you receive this error message it means the required DLC is not currently installed on your PC, you should check to make sure you have all of the required DLC listed in the Readme file and the product page before installing. If you think you have the DLC please check to make sure it is installed in the correct location. You are usually looking for the .ap file

You may sometimes receive this message when installing an updated product that we have released, all it means is that it will overwrite the original file and needs your consent to continue.

If you receive this error message please contact us immediately so we can assist you.

You may have not installed it to the correct directory. As standard all our reskins install to the default Railworks directory. If you have set Train Simulator to install on a different hard drive or folder you will need to select that folder when installing our reskins.

You are missing the GeoPcDx files. This could be because you do not have the required DLC or the installer couldn't find the files where they are supposed to be. Try reinstalling or copy and paste the files from an original livery.


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