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February 5, 2017     Blue Rail Studios    

Hi all, so I thought I should probably explain the reason why there has been no content from Blue Rail recently. Basically I need a break from Train Simulator. I’m not sure how long for but it’s been a while and I have no immediate plans to do anything at the moment. I have been working on Blue Flight Studios and also setting up PixelBounce my web design business so most of my time is dedicated to that as well as work.

It hasn’t helped that the DLC coming out for Train Simulator at the moment is either really poor quality or there just hasn’t been anything released to work with. I have a couple of reskins I worked on a while ago that I didn’t release so I may go back to them at some point. Here’s a sceenshot of a new GWR Class 166 I did a while ago but didn’t release, so I may get around to releasing that along with some scenarios for the Western Mainlines route from Just Trains that includes automatic announcements.

Before I end this, I would just like to thank each and everyone of you. Even though the content has dried up slightly you guys have stuck with it and the Blue Rail Studios FB page is now only around 5 away from hitting 1000 likes.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hopefully some better DLC so I can get back to doing reskins.


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