New London Underground route & stock

May 17, 2017     Blue Rail Studios    

Hi all, just wanted to share a new piece of DLC that recently surfaced for Train Simulator. I was watching some YouTube videos when I stumbled on 2 new routes, The District Line & The Piccadilly Line.

From Ealing Broadway in the west, Richmond in the south west up to Gloucester Road and High St Kensington. The Olympia branch is fully modelled , as are all the depots ( Lillie Bridge is I feel outstanding ) and sidings. Acton Works , The London Transport Museum is there in full alongside Acton Town and of course the Ealing Common Depot. Earls Court Yard, Barons Court Sidings, Parsons Green Sidings.Triangle Sidings ( the old layout ) Even Chelsea Stadium or the Golden Palace of Light as Richard Scott referred to it, complete with pitch.

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The District line contains 52 miles of track and scenery of west & south west London. The route also includes scenarios utilizing brand new rolling stock not seen on Train Simulator until now the D78 and 1973 Tube stock, I’m sure you’ll agree with me this is a great addition to Train Simulator.

The guys that made this route and units done a fantastic job and we look forward to seeing what comes next. You can read the forum dedicated to the routes by clicking the link below the pictures

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