Vendor notice


We will soon be launching our paid version on BRS, this will allow you to upload to the Blue Rail Studios website and charge for your items. This page will talk you through what you are responsible for and the items you cannot charge for.

You cannot sell reskins, because reskins are a modified artwork that still features graphics by the original artist you cannot sell them

You cannot sell scenario packs that uses reskins not made by BRS, you may only sell scenario packs if it does not feature reskins from websites such as DPSimulation or BlueCode for example.



You will be responsible for paying VAT on purchases (if required) Note: due to the EU you must pay VAT depending on each country of origin. If you wish to sell to UK only please let us know so we can block any other EU citizen from purchasing


Blue Rail Studios (WattsCorp) will take 10% of each purchase made, this is to maintain the Blue Rail Studios website. PayPal will also charge a fee for each purchase made.

Payments made:

All payments made will be sent to us (WattsCorp) once a threshold of £5 has been met (After commission and PayPal fees) we will send you the money via PayPal.


We look forward to working with you.

The BRS Team